New Haven City Court Judge Robison to retire

New Haven City Court Judge Geoff Robison has announced his retirement from the bench, effective Dec. 26.

The court was created in 1998 and Robinson, who is not an attorney, has been judge since 2000. But Robinson’s performance has come under fire from state officials, and New Haven’s City Council is in the process of abolishing the court, which primarily handles traffic cases.

New Haven officials and Robinson declined to comment, but in a statement Robinson, former New Haven police chief, said he has “very much enjoyed serving the people of our community . . . I am honored and privileged to have served my friends and neighbors for so many years, and I am retiring with a great deal of personal satisfaction with that service.”

Indiana law permits those who are not attorneys to serve as city or town court judges. New Haven’s is not a so-called “court of record”, and therefore any appeal of a ruling in a city or town court must be taken up “de novo” to the superior or circuit courts as if the case had never been filed before.

Robison indicated he enjoyed working with young people and giving them guidance in their individual situations to the extent allowed by law. The court utilized an Infraction Deferred Program for many years, enabling traffic offenders to get a fresh start from their motorist issues. Robison also indicated he looks forward to spending more time with his family.


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