Mayor Tom Henry proclaims ‘Intestinal Malrotation Day’ in Fort Wayne

Mayor Tom Henry has proclaimed Tuesday “Intestinal Malrotation Awareness Day” in Fort Wayne.

Henry made the proclamation at Westview Alliance Church in southwest Fort Wayne and was joined by Mary Rasor and Andy Brown, who lost their infant daughter, Mya Nicole Brown, last year to intestinal malrotation. Intestinal malrotation is a serious condition that occurs when the intestines fail to rotate properly as they develop. This can lead to a potentially deadly condition where the intestines twist on themselves. Symptoms can include vomiting, cramping and abdominal pain. Twisting of the intestines can block blood flow, and if left untreated can lead to other organ damage and/or death.

Supporters and advocates of raising awareness about intestinal malrotation took part in the ceremony, and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge will have purple as the special color Tuesday evening in memory of Mya.