Allen Superior Court will assume cases left from defunct New Haven Court

Allen Superior Court and the city of New Haven have agreed on a process for the transfer of active cases from the New Haven City Court.

New Haven City Court, which closed Dec. 31, primarily heard cases involving traffic violations and violations of New Haven city ordinances. There are currently 22 cases from the former City Court remaining to be adjudicated. As many as 7,000 cases dating back to 2002 that have been adjudicated still have outstanding fee or fine balances.

The former City Court’s caseload will be transferred to the Misdemeanor and Traffic Division of the Allen Superior Court. Hearings on unresolved New Haven city matters will begin April 2 and will occur on the first Tuesday of every month at the Charles “Bud” Meeks Justice Center.

“We have heard from many citizens anxious to get their unpaid New Haven City Court balances resolved as soon as possible,” Judge Frances C. Gull, Administrative Judge of Superior Court’s Criminal Division, said in a statement. “In some cases, those balances are preventing people from resolving license suspensions and other challenges. We are ready to assume this task and begin helping the public resolve outstanding business.”

Anyone with an outstanding balance from a New Haven City Court case may call Superior Court’s Misdemeanor and Traffic Division at (260) 449-7175 to make payment arrangements. Those with an outstanding balance will be offered a payment plan option.

For the time being, those with outstanding New Haven cases will have to speak to Superior Court personnel for information and payment arrangements. New Haven cases currently exist only in paper or in an electronic format incompatible with Indiana’s statewide court case management system, Odyssey. Those cases will be entered into Odyssey as time permits.