I&M warning customers to avoid phone scams

Scammers impersonating Indiana Michigan Power representatives are targeting utility customers, the company warns.

These scams are not unique to I&M and have been reported across the U.S. targeting customers of various utility companies. They generally work like this:

• Customers receive calls from callers falsely identifying themselves as I&M employees.

• The caller claims the customer is late paying their bill, and their power will be disconnected soon – perhaps later that day – if the customer does not pay the bill immediately.

• Many scammers “spoof” the telephone number they are calling from to make it appear as a different number. In some cases, it may appear to be an authentic I&M phone number.

• Customers are usually instructed to call a different number to arrange payment.

• The scammers may seek personal credit card or banking information from customers. Some direct customers to buy a debit card and provide the debit card number.

I&M says it never calls customers demanding immediate payment, nor does it disconnect service without prior written warning. Anyone receiving such calls should hang up and call I&M’s Customer Operations Center at 800-311-4634 to report the scam.

Customers can learn the status of their bill by calling the Customer Operations Center or by using I&M’s mobile application, available for download from iTunes for Apple devices or Google for Android devices.

I&M is headquartered in Fort Wayne, and its 2,370 employees serve more than 597,000 customers.


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