Letter to the Editor: Democrats obstruct progress on border

Hobbies are great things. They take your mind off the drudgery of all those annoying, bothersome, daily duties. For Democrats in Congress that would include things like identifying problems, writing laws and allocating monies to fix those problems. But the Democrat clique has found a new hobby: building roadblocks to anything President Trump does, or tries to do, or for that matter has done.

As a taxpayer, I wish that they had spent their time crafting 21stcentury immigration policy and then funding it; rather than trying to trap Trump. To hear the Democrats complain about the tragedy and horror at the border (do recall that six months ago they and much of the media said it was a “made up crisis”) you would think they had nothing to do with creating it. They are like the landlord who sets no rules, no expectations and spends nothing on maintenance and then complains loudly that his property has become a catastrophe. And looks for someone else to blame.

Bruce Cynar



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