$12.1M Dupont Road improvement project now complete

A trail now allows pedestrians and bikers to cross under the improved Dupont Road. (Courtesy image)

The $12.1 million Dupont Road improvement project is now complete, adding travel lanes to the busy and growing corridor and pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure where it didn’t exist before.

“This project has exceptional design features along with safer connections for walkers, bicyclists and motorists. Over the years, we’ve heard many stories of residents having to get in their cars to drive across the street because there wasn’t a safe place to cross. Now, you can walk under the road or use the new crosswalks,” Mayor Tom Henry said in a statement. “Investing in this evolving corridor will have a positive impact on neighborhoods, residents and businesses.”

This nearly two-mile project includes the expansion of the roadway from two to four lanes, plus turn lanes, to access neighborhoods and businesses. Additionally, the project added sidewalks and trails connecting residents and businesses, new ADA ramps and crosswalks, new traffic and pedestrian signals, decorative lighting and landscaping, stormwater management updates including larger pipes, and new water mains to increase capacity.

“The Dupont Road corridor needed a complete overhaul. The area has experienced phenomenal growth in the past 30 years, with new housing additions, retail shops and businesses, and community attractions. During that time traffic on this road more than tripled, to 25,000 cars per day,” stated Shan Gunawardena, Public Works director. “This project addresses safety and congestion and adds a unique trail underpass to the Pufferbelly Trail.”

The Pufferbelly Trail is one segment of the 80-mile State Visionary Trail connecting Ouabache State Park in Bluffton to Pokagon State Park in Angola. The distinctive trail connection under Dupont connects users seamlessly to the Pufferbelly heading north and south, as well as the trail along Dupont that runs east and west down the corridor between Coldwater and Lima roads. It also adds the aesthetically pleasing cascading planters and stylized concrete design.

“I thank the residents and businesses in the area for their patient attitude and cooperation throughout the project. We know this was a challenge, especially when the road was closed for three months to complete the difficult construction of elevating Dupont so the trail could go beneath the road,” said Gunawardena. “The pedestrian infrastructure will eliminate many of the short trips residents took by car in the past. We know the improvements will serve the community well.”

More than 3,000 residents live in homes, apartments and condos with direct access to this stretch of Dupont. The road serves 106 businesses between Lima and Coldwater. The daily vehicle count has grown from 7,500 in 1990 to more than 25,000 today. The project received 80 percent funding from the federal government and 20 percent from local funds. The project was designed by GAI Consultants. Construction was performed by Phend and Brown Inc. and included:

• 42,240 feet of roadway constructed

• 36,871 square yards of sod

• 25,475 feet of curb and gutters

• 19,742 feet of pavement striping

• 7,597 feet of sidewalk

• 7,350 feet of trail

• 7,533 plants and bushes

• 84 decorative street lights

• 53 ADA ramps

• 47 trees

• 28 pedestrian push buttons

• 12 traffic signal poles


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