Three new scoreboards will replace 11-year-old originals at Parkview Field at a cost of $1.35 million

This scoreboard and two smaller ones have served Parkview Field since it opened in 2008 but will be replaced by spring at a cost of about $1.35 million. (News-Sentinel.com file photo)
Mike Nutter

When the TinCaps resume play in the spring, fans will be able to follow their exploits on the first new scoreboards to be installed at Parkview Field since its debut in 2008.

“If I’m a fan, this is a big deal. The difference will be like night and day. We’ve gotten 11 full seasons out of what we have, and that’s really good, but they don’t even make parts anymore,” TinCaps President Mike Nutter said of the new high-definition LED technology that will make the new large board in right field and two smaller ones in the power alleys considerably brighter and clearer than the originals.

The boards will be made by Neoti, based in Bluffton, and will cost a total of about $1.35 million, Nutter said. The city’s Redevelopment Commission is expected to approve the purchase Monday, which will be funded through the city-controlled Harrison Square Stadium Maintenance Fund. Its revenues are provided by a $1-per-ticket fee at TinCaps baseball games and other Parkview Field events and by naming rights fees paid by Parkview Health.

City spokeswoman Mary Tyndall said stadium officials had planned to buy new screens in 2020 but the purchase was moved up to avoid price increases expected to take effect next year.

The new boards will be about the same size as the originals, Nutter said, which will reduce replacement costs by allowing the reuse of the existing frames.

“I can’t wait,” Nutter said. “These (new scoreboards) are really going to ‘pop.’ ”


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