Parkview Health, Cigna extend contract

Parkview Health and global health service company Cigna have extended their contract and will provide in-network access at a reduced cost for Cigna customers at Parkview hospitals.

Parkview’s nearly 900 health care providers across northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio will also remain in-network with Cigna.

Earlier this year, the two began working on an agreement that would allow for common goals and increased data transparency to benefit employers and customers. In addition to ensuring in-network access to providers, the contract renewal includes reduced costs for Cigna customers at the following Parkview Health facilities:

Parkview Regional Medical Center, Parkview LaGrange Hospital, Parkview Hospital Randallia, Parkview Noble Hospital, Parkview Ortho Hospital, Parkview Wabash Hospital, Parkview DeKalb Hospital, Parkview Whitley Hospital, Parkview Huntington Hospital and Parkview Warsaw.

“As Parkview continues to focus on value and affordability, we are working to redefine the playing field by transforming the way we collaborate with insurance companies,” Greg Johnson, DO, chief clinical integration officer for Parkview Health, said in a statement. “We are partnering with insurance companies like Cigna to create value-based insurance design and partnering with employers to create value-based benefit design, where the two are not only in alignment but also allow for shared risk – and reward – among all. This shift requires that we support one another and focus beyond just price. And we look forward to doing just that with Cigna.”

Parkview and Cigna share a mission to improve whole person health – body and mind. Through a strong focus on innovation to benefit area employers, their employees and families, the companies are committed to putting the customer at the center. The organizations are working together to make healthcare simpler and more predictable for customers.

“Cigna is proud of our longtime partnership with Parkview, and we will continue to improve the health of the people and communities we serve in Indiana,” stated Brian Marsella, Cigna president for the Midwest market.

Parkview is also negotiating a contract extension with Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield. The contract had been scheduled to expire at the end of April but the deadline was extended 90 days, at Parkview’s request.

Parkview spokeswoman Jessica Foor said the extension was requested “to ensure our patients have access to appropriate care as we navigate COVID-19 as a community. Our work with Cigna was largely finished prior to COVID-19 and we are excited to enter a unique partnership with them… By aligning around common goals and a focus beyond just price, we can create sustainable change that will ultimately reduce healthcare costs.”


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