THE LAST WORD: Knight return to Bloomington would be fitting


The storied career of former Indiana University basketball coach Bob Knight had a not-so-happy ending when he was fired by IU President Myles Brand in 2000. His long absence from Bloomington and repeated scorning of the university since have been sad and disappointing. But is the self-imposed ...

Ordinance restricting businesses with live sex acts appropriate


Allen County’s Commissioners voted last week to implement rules that would prohibit swingers clubs and other businesses involving live sex acts and to require licenses for new sexually oriented businesses. Some may scratch their heads at the move, since there are currently no such businesses ...

NEWS-SENTINEL EDITORIAL: A step in the right direction


Another state agency is responding favorably to a need in Fort Wayne that we brought up in a June 20 editorial. Recent violent incidents on public streets and in public places flew in the face of Mayor Henry’s April news conference in which he praised a significant decrease in crime in the ...