GUEST COLUMN: Author: City Hall key opponent to Electric Works


Kevin Leininger’s column on Tuesday questions the credibility of Turning Rust to Gold without successfully contradicting any of its facts. Instead, he focuses on a presumed struggle over who gets credit for developments in Fort Wayne. Let’s try a fact-based approach to the main project ...

NEWS-SENTINEL EDITORIAL: Keesling the best choice for city clerk


Republican Lana Keesling has brought much-needed change to the Fort Wayne City Clerk’s office, and voters should reward her with another term. Keesling faces Democrat Katie Zuber in the Nov. 5 election. Keesling was a political newcomer when she was elected in 2015. But she wasn’t a ...

NEWS-SENTINEL EDITORIAL: Tim Smith is best choice for mayor


Elections often come down to a choice between staying the course or gambling on change. So it is in Fort Wayne’s mayoral race: Do voters give Democrat Tom Henry a fourth term or take a chance on Republican Tim Smith, a proven business leader with scant political experience? Our judgment is ...

NEWS-SENTINEL GUEST COLUMN: ‘Joker’ is Hollywood at its worst


A couple of years ago, there was a TV drama series titled The Following. It starred Kevin Bacon as an FBI agent who tracks a serial killer. A common enough theme in the cinema these days, but this show had several twists. First, the serial killer played by James Purifoy is a college professor ...

THE LAST WORD: Addiction plays sad role in ‘Country Music’


I learned some things about country music during the last couple of weeks. And one was that country musicians have a sordid history of lives scarred by addictions to drugs and alcohol. Over the past two weeks, I watched the riveting eight-episode, 16-hour documentary miniseries “Country ...

NEWS-SENTINEL EDITORIAL: The sooner GM strike ends, the better


On the one hand, you have a collective bargaining agreement between Fort Wayne Community Schools and the Fort Wayne Education Association discussed at a school board meeting Monday that is set to be approved next month. On the other hand, you have a General Motors strike entering its second ...