Letters to the editor

Republican tax cuts benefit families

Our family will save nearly $2,000 this year from Republican tax cuts passed by President Trump and our Congressman Jim Banks. Our take home pay has also risen due to bonuses and higher wages because of the strong economic and job growth in northeast Indiana. This is helping us make ends meet and to get ahead for the first time in a long time.

Democrat candidate for Congress Courtney Tritch was against the tax cuts and is campaigning for taking them away if she and Nancy Pelosi gain control of Congress in 2019. Recent revelations that Courtney Tritch is “unemployed” and lives off a trust fund reveal that she not only has misled voters in our district but that she is far out of touch with working class families.

The media and Ms. Tritch should refrain from mislabeling and misleading voters further. We need to call her what she really is – a full time activist running for Congress, not a “consultant”. That’s why in November, we need to re-elect Congressman Jim Banks!

Joshua Burt

Be respectful of other points of view

Bob Rinearson’s sweeping critique of liberalism (“A conservative’s view of the five levels of liberalism”) should not go unchallenged. Rinearson, in a very cavalier fashion, disparages all who would dare disagree with his conservative view of the world. Quite possibly he was attempting to be funny. He is sort of funny in the way a bully is funny. Reading this and other of his works makes my stomach sour.

If I were to write a similarly vile article from the other side of the political divide, I might say that all conservatives are self-interested money grubbers. I could say that all conservatives are opposed to an objective approach to education, and that they do not support education seriously. I might suggest that they are hypocritical Christians looking for excuses to disparage the poor, and minorities. Or, how about that in supporting Donald Trump they have made a deal with the devil, having accepted contemptible behavior and cultural depravity in exchange for lower taxes, sort of like accepting thirty pieces of silver.

Or quite possibly I could say that conservatives care nothing for the environment and consequences that may impact future generations. Or, that they value guns over the lives of young people. And immigrants? Conservatives hate them, even though they are descended from them. Gay? Sorry, conservatives wish you did not exist. White nationalist? Welcome to Fort Wayne!

However, I would not say any of this, because these statements are not true. There are threads of truth, but as with Rinearson’s characterizations of “liberals”, these are gross generalizations, both inflammatory and provocative. Neither set of characterizations describe any individual or group of people fairly. Neither promotes civil discourse.

I have many friends and family members who are conservative. I do not wish to dismiss their views with the broad brush of demagogic rhetoric as Rinearson does. How about if we talk to each other in a respectful way that is considerate of other points of view. How about if we start by acknowledging that our common interests are as important as our differences. How about if we work toward being kind? How about it Bob?

Ken Ballinger


Consultant or unemployed

Which is it? Either Courtney Tritch is a “marketing consultant” or she is “unemployed”, the latter of which she referenced herself in many reports filed with the Federal Election Commission in 2017 and 2018. Tritch’s most recent personal financial disclosure filed as a candidate for federal office states that her income was next to nothing from her consulting business in the last two years. Either Tritch is misleading the public in building her profile as a “marketing consultant” or “economic development consultant” or the media should refrain from calling her that moving forward. Instead they should assign the more appropriate title of “unemployed” or better yet “liberal activist” as she has clearly spent more of her time in recent years protesting or marching for liberal causes than producing income from “consulting”.

Craig Keith