Letters to the editor

Citizens need to promote morality

I am so tired of what is going on in this country…so very sad. A nation representing every country in the world is being split apart… by what? Not racism. Not terrorists, but by our own people. By lies and evil.

When President Obama was elected, we who disagreed did not start riots. We did not disrespect him. We kept working for the things our founders wanted–good morals, unity in the midst of disagreement.

Can our friends on the other side say the same? They have done everything in their power to undermine President Trump. They have stymied approving his appointments. They have lied about the election results when their own party’s stand on many issues is what caused people to rise up and vote against them.

Their lies have gone so far that it is splitting our nation. They and their allies, the media, have lied to the point that people don’t even know how to appreciate what our system of government has done for them.

People are rioting and disrespecting all authority to the point of even disrespecting our great flag. That is disrespecting all those who have fought and died for all the blessings we have today!

Our nation is not perfect. What one is? But where else can a person rise from poverty to wealth? Where else can a person enjoy all this nation offers? Check the facts. Who buys the boats, big houses, goes to all those expensive sports events? Our middle class and wealthy!

Who makes money from these things? Sports players and those of us who provide these assets.

Yet many think we should become socialist and spread the wealth to all. Socialist countries have ended up with 2 classes: the very rich and the poor. Lack of freedom. Lack of ownership and a short life as a nation.

Our founders experienced kings and serfdom under such rule. They wanted more for their children and nation, but it had to be based on God’s rules…God’s morality. In fact, you will find the blueprint for this nation within the Bible.

Today we have rejected both by saying marriage is not needed or any 2 people pledging to each other will suffice. Babies have all too often been killed on the altar of convenience or because they are the wrong sex. We have even gone so far as to say that a holy God makes mistakes in creating the sex of a child!

Lord, forgive us. We know your judgment is inevitable if we keep going down this path. Send a healing rain on this land. Amen.

Linda Demorest

Freedom of religion

The men in the Central Catholic class of 1948 held several annual reunions when they expanded it to the two adjacent classes and then to the other city high schools. As one from Concordia I say, “Thank you” – what a great group of men. We hold in common a great love for our country and for our God. Accepted is the Christian admonition to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Twenty years later in the nineteen sixties there we’re a lot of anti-Christian, anti-American students on our campuses who were so intent on re-building our country they even used bombings. They sought to abolish religion in our schools and to this day appear very intolerant of Christian values.

Pertinent thought: “Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Are those same people who want to obliterate Christianity in our public life, actually establishing atheism. Which did our Founders prefer?

M. H.Brackmann

Tax cuts working for families

No wonder Courtney Tritch has campaigned against the Republican tax cuts passed in 2017. On three different occasions in 2017 and 2018 she listed herself as “unemployed” to the Federal Election Commission. Tax cuts for working class families in Northeast Indiana on average will be $1900 this year. Unemployed and full time campaigner and liberal activist Courtney Tritch is so out of touch with working families in the district that she has no idea what $1900 can do to help families like mine in making ends meet.

To confuse matters even further, for the past year Tritch has campaigned calling herself a “marketing and economic development consultant” which contradicts her recent federal filings. Either she is misleading us or she is hiding the facts of the matter. Her financial disclosures to the Federal Election Commission as a federal candidate state that her consulting business made merely $12,000 in the last two years and she lives off of a trust fund.

The area media should refrain from misleading the public further and refrain from calling her a “consultant” of any sort and tell the truth.

Courtney Tritch is a full time liberal activist and Democrat candidate for Congress.

No doubt voters will reject the political doublespeak and deception when they overwhelming reject her radical political views at the ballot box in November.

Brandon Seifert