BETTY STEIN COLUMN: “We have become friends – and I am far richer because of that”

Betty Stein

It was when I was taking Latin at Central High School I first learned the phrase Tempora mutant, and during my long life I have seen that truism many times. Times change. And the list grows longer and longer.

The world of print journalism is one of those areas, and the column I have written for the News-Sentinel for over thirty years is a victim. But I couldn’t just stop writing it. I have been given the opportunity to say goodbye to you because over the years we have become friends, very good friends.

I have loved hearing from you and I’ve loved the times when you spoke wherever and whenever we were out together in the same spot. We’ve “talked” books and theatre and pussy cats and presidents of the United States and the world of education, among other topics. You’ve taken my quizzes and let me know your scores. You have been truly wonderful and supportive and I have been very grateful The notes of condolence when pets have been put to sleep are among the mail you have sent and I have wept – and again let me say I am very grateful.

Blake Sebring has been after me for years to publish a book of my favorite columns, and I have finally said, “Okay.” So I’m reading and rereading and hope to have a book people will enjoy. Do you remember the column about the word segue? That’s been one of my favorites, along with one on downtown Christmas as I remember Decembers of the past. Grandchildren and great grand children, feline pets, books I’ve loved, incidents in the classroom, summers in our parks – so many things you and I have shared. Well, we’ll watch that book grow.

In the meantime,I thank you for all these years of togetherness. We have become friends – and I am far richer because of that. Thank you very much.

Betty E. Stein is a retired teacher and resident of Fort Wayne.