Everyone is missing the obvious

Even if Kavanaugh did grope a girl, at the age of 15 he was a juvenile! Juvenile thieves and murderers have their records purged at the age of 18. A clumsy boy discovering girls can’t hold a candle to the horrible crimes that liberals say MUST be forgiven because of the age of the offender. What a double standard!

Dana White

Peace in Syria

The United States has been at war in Syria since early 2016, according to ABC news, so in April 2017 when “President Donald Trump said the U.S. is “not going into Syria” amid escalating tensions with the country after a chemical attack” we could see what a quagmire looks like and we were in it. We are not in Syria by invitation (Russia and Iran are guests and allies). The US duplicitous role in supporting moderate rebels partnered with jihadists fighting Syrian forces, while posing “as a visible presence to prevent the Turkish military and Kurdish forces from fighting each other”, has complicated any resolution. We cannot enforce international law by disregarding sovereignty.

Negotiating our withdrawal now as Syria begins a military campaign to take back the Idlib region, would give the United States needed leverage to end war in Syria and around the Middle East. We should show respect for international law by example. We should eliminate our chemical weapon stockpile and recognize the findings of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) which found no evidence of a nerve agent attack on Douma, Syria. Another chemical attack should be treated as a separate crime to be investigated, prosecuted and adjudicated by the OPCW and other international bodies.

We would never allow our country to be occupied by a foreign military. Israel has already stripped the Golan Heights from Syria. As they approach the end of seven years of misery including thousands of direct airstrikes by the United States, and even greater dependence on Russia, Syria needs a peace corridor as much as the terrorized civilians of Idlib need a humanitarian corridor. Let’s step back from Idlib and consider that our current threshold for hostilities with Russia now amounts to a container of laundry whitener.

Tim Tiernon and Howard Traxmor

Fort Wayne For Peace