GUEST EDITORIAL: Supporters eager to welcome Sen. Lindsey Graham to annual Republican event

Guest columnist Connie Kovas Moreno

Regardless of whether it was brilliant prescience, or just dumb luck when they scheduled Senator Lindsey Graham last summer, Allen County Republicans are giddy with anticipation of his appearance at the sold-out Bean Dinner on November 1. These are heady days for the South Carolina Senator. Out with the RINO, in as one of President Trump’s staunchest defenders. Lindsey is everyone’s favorite, and rightly so.

I’ll never forget September 27th, the day of Kavanaugh’s inquisition.

I endured it all, first in my jammies with a cup of coffee, baited and lured by Christine Ford’s sad, sad saga of juvenile aggression (wink, wink), then watching in disbelief as Republicans threw in the towel, ceding their questioning to a sex crimes prosecutor. Later, with another cup of coffee and a box of Kleenex, I witnessed Judge Kavanaugh earnestly give an accounting of his remarkable life, only to be followed by Democrats viciously and personally attacking him — holier-than-thou Democrats like Willie Brown’s glamorous girlfriend Kamala; Spartacus, former mayor of Newark, recently accused of assaulting another gay man in a restroom; and Dianne, friend of China and leaker extraordinaire.

On and on it went until late afternoon, and still the Democrats continued their sortie, like birds of prey in a coordinated offense, picking apart their victim.

Finally, it was Senator Graham’s turn. Leaning into his mike and looking directly at Judge Kavanaugh, he asked, “Are you aware that 23 minutes after you were nominated to the Supreme Court by President Trump, Senator Schumer said he would oppose your nomination with everything he had, that the stakes were simply too high for anything less?”

“Did you meet with Senator Dianne Feinstein on August 20th?”

“Did you know that her staff had already recommended a lawyer for Dr. Ford?”

“Did you know she and her staff had already had this allegation for 20 days?”

Continuing on, his eyes now blazing as he stared daggers at Feinstein, Graham yelled, “If you wanted an FBI investigation, you could have come to us. What you want to do is destroy this guy’s life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020.”

Jumping up from my couch, where I had been ensconced all that dreary day long, I grabbed my husband and we laughed, high-fived and cheered. But Lindsay wasn’t through.

“You’ve got nothing to apologize for,” he shouted at the Judge. “When you see Sotomayor and Kagan, tell them that Lindsay voted for them.”

Turning and pointing to the now-cowering Democrats, that good ole Southern boy, like Moses on Mt. Sinai, hollered, “This is the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics. Boy, you all want power, God I hope you never get it!”


It was a textbook display of righteous indignation, rarely seen in Washington by, of all people, the mild-mannered, famously bipartisan Senator Graham. It was a beautiful thing to behold! It can be said, without a doubt, Lindsay saved the day, saved the Judge and saved the United States Constitution for generations to come.

Thursday, November 1st, the Republicans will be eating beans inside the Ramada, congratulating each other on their anticipated Red Tsunami. My friends and I, Tea Party-types, will be outside the main door, hoping to catch a glimpse of the senator, and have an opportunity to shake his hand and say “thank you.” We encourage you to join us. Bring a flag, make a sign. We’ll see you about 4:30pm at the Ramada Plaza, 305 East Washington Center Road.