Government instability sending strong message to the world

Robert Rinearson

In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Mark Antony reasons the way to inflame the crowds against those who murdered Caesar was to “Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!”

History has clearly shown Shakespeare’s idiom and its potential has not been lost on Russian tyrants. From the days when Lenin inspired the Bolsheviks to murder Nicholas II and his family, to “Uncle Joe” Stalin buddying up with Adolph Hitler to steamroll over Poland, and later, when Russian tanks rolled into Hungry and still later Czechoslovakia, Russia’s leaders have never shied away from ordering their war machine from destroying the foundations of sovereign nations.

The current Russian President, Vladimir Putin appears to have put a check beside the name of Adolph Hitler as being an influence. Just as Der Fuhrer justified Germany’s takeover of the Rhineland due to protecting those of German heritage from abuses established by the Treaty of Versailles, Putin uses the same feigned reasoning to protect Russians living in Crimea. Putin fooled no one when he sent “disguised” Russian troops into Crimea to fan flames of discontent, ultimately resulting in Crimea breaking away from Ukraine, and running back into the arms of the Russian Bear. And true to form, the world reacted the same to Putin just as they did seventy years prior when Hitler occupied nearly all of Europe–meaning the world did nothing.

But Crimea was only the tip of the iceberg. Putin wants all of the Ukraine. For Putin, as with many of the old communists, they wish a return to the old days when Russia was a superpower–the days when Eastern Europe shook with fear at the mere thought of angering their Communist overlords.

And now as the world anxiously watches. Putin has moved his chess pieces in place to provoke havoc with the Ukraine, first, firing on Ukrainian artillery boats resulting in the wounding of three sailors. Then the Russian navy commandeered the two boats, plus a Ukrainian tugboat. In addition, Russia has blocked Ukraine’s access to the Azov Sea by placing a huge cargo ship across the Kerch Strait.

Of course, Putin has placed the blame squarely on Ukraine’s shoulders, by claiming that the Azov Sea is now under Russian dominion since its annexation of Crimea. This act throttles Ukraine’s commerce, thus further heightening tensions, not just for the Ukraine, but the rest of the world. As experts see it, Russia will continue to provoke until the Ukraine reacts in such a way that Russia can declare some misstep as an act of war, and the tanks will make their move. It is a strategy that would make Hitler proud.

How will the world react? If stern lectures and meaningless sanctions are all we can offer, as have been the reactions when the Russians have carried out assassinations in other countries, or looked the other way when Syrian forces have carried out chemical attacks against its own citizens, then I ask you, what is to stop them from steamrolling all of the other Baltic and Eastern European sovereignties?

But I certainly believe Putin to be a shrewd creature. Not only will he promote havoc when he can, he looks for it where it may already exist. He must be absolutely gleeful, watching the current state of our American landscape. To watch as his alter ego is constantly undercut by his own people, while both sides of the political aisle engage in social media tit-for-tat, leaving the impression that unity has been left behind in the dust.

Ironically, the Russian oligarch has had to do very little, other than order his intelligence services to hack the servers of our political parties. From there, the Democratic Party has eagerly picked up the ball and ran with it. From day one of the Trump presidency, Democrats, progressives and home-grown socialists have all cried collusion. They break into hives at the mere suggestion when one of their media satellites invents another story that Trump is getting ready to shut down the Mueller investigations. Bitter over the results, liberal Americans have created dossiers, written fake news stories, pushed rumor over fact and supported groups unafraid of promoting violence in order to intimidate Trump supporters.

Knowing that every time Trump takes an action to either project American power or to protect our American sovereignty, and chances are good that an activist judge will block its implementation, must embolden Putin into thinking ‘How can America act to deter Russian conquest, when they can’t even get their act together to build a wall in order to protect their own country?’

Why should Putin give an ear to Trump’s warnings, when the incoming Democratic congressional class led by Maxine Waters screams “Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment?”

It’s one thing for an opposing political party to disagree, distrust or vote against a President. But to promote havoc and resistance as the means in order to achieve an ends, is dangerous. It promotes instability among the ranks whose primary responsibility is to assure our security. And what will we do to deter further Russian aggression into the Ukraine if we can’t even agree on an immigration bill? Will our mistrust of each other lead to inaction when the world depends on our standing tall?

It is not a game where you can take your ball and run home.