‘One Bold Vision’ is a gift for east Allen County

Dave Heine

Christmas came early to east Allen County this year. Led by NewAllen Alliance members, seven unique communities will be able to enact ‘One Bold Vision.’ This vision will bring investments in business, social and natural environments; provide opportunities that will help employers and residents thrive; and connect our communities by more than just the roads we drive upon. The effort put forth by this all-volunteer alliance and its president, Kent Castleman, deserves acknowledgement.

Receiving one of two Stellar Community designations earlier this month means Grabill, Harlan, Hoagland, Leo-Cedarville, Monroeville, New Haven and Woodburn will receive $4.5 million from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs, along with additional set amounts from the Indiana Department of Transportation, Indiana State Department of Health, and Indiana Housing and Community Development Association. Additional funds will also come from the Allen County Commissioners, Allen County Council and the Capital Improvement Board. In total, nearly $65 million will be invested in east Allen County because of the NewAllen Alliance’s efforts.

By fostering economic growth and attracting businesses, this plan will bolster the east Allen County community for years to come. It will not only help these individual communities grow, but will also be a boon for the region. By focusing on increased economic growth while simultaneously developing quality of life initiatives in each community, this plan could quickly and positively alter our part of the state.

The entire list of names associated with this project are too numerous to list, but I would like to highlight the efforts of Castleman and NewAllen Alliance Liaison Kristi Sturtz. Along with various community leaders, town managers, mayors and other representatives, Castleman and Sturtz worked tirelessly on behalf of these communities to make them better, stronger and more vibrant. These efforts should be applauded and celebrated.

By improving our quality of life and generating economic development in east Allen County, it is my hope younger generations will settle here and be a part of our communities. I continue to be inspired by these leaders who cast aside their differences and competitive spirit to come together for their ‘One Bold Vision.’ It is amazing to see what can happen when communities work together. Thank you NewAllen Alliance members. Your efforts will have a positive impact in our area for generations to come.

Those interested in learning more about the upcoming projects made possible by this alliance can visit www.newallenalliance.net.

State Rep. Dave Heine (R-Fort Wayne) represents House District 85, which includes a portion of Allen County.