THE NEWS-SENTINEL EDITORIAL: Joy Behar rats on liberal journalists’ goal to ‘get Trump out of office’

Journalism is all about truth, justice, fairness and honesty, right? Fake news just doesn’t fit in the job description.

For most journalists, that’s true. But Joy Behar let the cat out of the bag about some other so-called journalists Tuesday, in her comments as co-host of TV’s “The View.”

The misreported and misperceived story based on a video from last Friday’s March for Life in Washington, D.C., that went viral showing Covington Catholic High School teenagers and a Native American activist wasn’t really what it seemed.

As with many football plays in the NFL, what you see from one angle on video may be quite different from what you see from a different angle. There was more to the story in what really transpired between those teens in the MAGA caps and a Native American activist playing his drum.

The media and many others criticized the high school students because the video seemed to show them hounding a Native American man named Nathan Phillips. The kids were allegedly shouting, “build the wall” during the so-called confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial.

But later news reports and a statement by the student who was seemingly sneering at Phillips in the video indicates the Catholic high-schoolers weren’t hounding Phillips after all.

There was also a group of Black Hebrew Israelites at the memorial that wasn’t shown in the viral video. The students reportedly yelled sports chants to drown out obscenities shouted at them by the Hebrew Israelites, an organization that believes its members are descendants from the tribes of Israel. The latest reports say Phillips tried to get between the groups, beating his drum in front of student Nick Sandmann.

The media jumped on what seemed to be apparent in the video and reported it as news, based on the image of Phillips peacefully pounding on his drum in front of Sandmann, a grinning teenager wearing a red MAGA cap, an obvious Trump supporter.

Liberal America was outraged. And many others thought they had cause to be. The hostile responses included death threats. Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky closed due to concerns for safety. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington even apologized for the incident on Saturday and promised to take “appropriate action, up to and including expulsion.” They added that “this behavior is opposed to the Church’s teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person.”

But after showing the video that went viral on “The View” Tuesday, co-host Whoopi Goldberg showed a second video in which the Black Hebrew Israelites were shown mocking the students.

“Many people admitted they made snap judgments before these other facts came in,” Goldberg said. “But is it that we just instantly say that’s what it is based on what we see in that moment and then have to walk stuff back when it turns out we’re wrong?

“Why is that?” she asked. “Why do we keep making the same mistake?”

Good question. And Behar’s bad answer, at least was honest: “Because we’re desperate to get Trump out of office. That’s why.”

What did she say?

“I think that’s the reason,” Behar said of how stories like this can be treated as fact. “I think the press jumps the gun a lot because we just, we have so much circumstantial evidence against this guy (Trump), that we basically are hoping that Cohen’s got the goods and what have you. And so it’s wishful thinking.”

Come on journalists. You have to be better than that. Journalism schools are supposed to teach objectivity; editors are supposed to demand it in their newsrooms — do your job right, or get out.