LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Smith is best person to be next Fort Wayne mayor

We should all be grateful for the past works of Mayor Tom Henry, City Councilman Dr. John Crawford as well as all city council members and city staff whose efforts have invigorated the city of Fort Wayne. Be proud to call Fort Wayne home.

Although they have help us to set the table, there is much to be done. Groundwork has been laid to attract and keep talented youth. However, now that Fort Wayne has this foundation, it is time to elect leadership with skills to take Fort Wayne to the next level. We need leadership, not only to improve our neighborhoods but also to search, find and invite new business, new jobs and new talent to Fort Wayne.

Tim Smith’s enthusiasm is infectious. His skill set is exceptional. He is a proven leader and manages hundreds with extensive national contacts. He is a home-grown servant leader with relentless energy few possess. He expects more. He is very capable to help locally and think globally. He has mental clarity and fairness to tackle tough local issues but the vision in personal skills to attract new business, intellectual talents and accelerate Fort Wayne’s future.

This is a rare opportunity to elect the next generation mayor. Get to know Tim Smith, not jaded opinions. Be tolerant to all ideas. Please study each of the candidates carefully. Help local papers present thoughtful, honest information for each candidate. Be prideful of Fort Wayne but I believe the time is to elect Tim Smith as our next mayor.

Dr. Tom Banas

Fort Wayne


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