GUEST COLUMN: My plan for the city of New Haven

Bob Nelson

Have you ever thought about running for public office? Possibly “throwing your hat in the ring”?

I’m Bob Nelson, a life-long conservative Republican, current member and former president of East Allen County School Board. I’m presently running for mayor of the great city of New Haven. For nearly 35 years I have volunteered, served on boards, coached, mentored and called New Haven my home. I’m a person that wants and can make a positive difference.

I would like to focus on what is important – service to citizens, improving our community, pride, public safety, education and leadership. You will find my administration style to be inclusive. I am presenting a four-step plan to outline my intentions as the next mayor of New Haven.

Webster defines the word repetition as “the act of saying or doing something again, the act of repeating.” The abbreviation for repetition is “reps.” The acronym, R-E-P-S, is what I promise to do as your next mayor.

Respect your voice. My leadership will involve city council, business leaders, community leaders and educational leaders. Under my leadership, you will have a new found voice. I will have an open door policy.

Education. A city is often judged by its schools’ successes and failures. Leadership in New Haven needs to be more visible within our public and private schools. I am proud to represent education. Current EACS board members have assured the growth of New Haven by investing over $60 million into new infrastructure. An exciting addition to our school renovations is the formation of a vocational school, at the site of the former Meadowbrook Elementary School. This commitment enhances the Meadowbrook community and will produce future qualified employees that transition directly into New Haven’s work force. New Haven Schools are growing and doing amazing things. Central Lutheran, St. John’s Catholic and New Haven Public Schools thriving.

Pride. We have a great community and our pride should be apparent to all who pass through. We need to continually work and encourage our citizens to take pride in New Haven.

Safety. I will work closely with our fire department, first responders and law enforcement agencies to ensure that you not only feel safe and secure, but that you are safe and secure.

Being mayor of New Haven will be my full time job. My efforts will not only be on the day to day activities of running a city, but will also include many aggressive plans such as new shopping options, street improvements, additional restaurants, accommodations, dog parks and the needed upgrades to Havenhurst Park, to name a few.

I humbly ask each and every person who reads this to do two things: one, please vote, no matter who you vote for; and two, support New Haven. Together we can grow New Haven from a great place to live, work and play to an extraordinary community.


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