GUEST COLUMN: I’m running for mayor because ‘I love New Haven’

Steve McMichael

Journalist Herb Caen once said “a city is not gauged by its length and width, but by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams.” This is exactly the way I feel about New Haven and why I am running to be its next mayor.

While we are not the size of a large city, we have a strong vision of what kind of community we are, and many citizens who work every day to make our hometown a better place to live. Having served on City Council these past few years I have witnessed this countless times. The “I love New Haven” initiative, which I am honored to be a member of, brought us the beautiful downtown Christmas lights this year, and the New Haven Community Foundation, of which I am one of three founding members, has had such a positive impact on our community.

Public safety:

Another huge asset to our city are our first responders. Between our fire department, our police department, and our EMTs, New Haven is very well served. As a City Councilman I have supported our police department by advocating on their behalf and eventually passing the money for cages in their cars and shot gun mounts to ensure their safety. I have worked hard to ensure that the city has given the department all the tools and resources it needs. I am proud to have received the exclusive endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police. As the current City Council liaison to the fire department and EMS, I advocated for longevity pay and am currently working on increasing their uniform and training budgets to ensure that they are protected from and ready for any situation. As mayor, I will work to close the pay gap between New Haven first responders and other local agencies in order to keep more of our first responders and their families in New Haven.


In addition to focusing on public safety, I will work to create a capital improvement plan to update the city’s infrastructure. If elected, I will immediately call the city to inspect and rate every street, sidewalk, and curb in New Haven to find out what condition they are all in. Then we will work to come up with a funding plan to ensure the roads, sidewalks, and curbs that have been neglected the most in the city are able to be updated and repaired as soon as possible. With infrastructure being one of the main responsibilities of the city government, the time of streets covered in potholes and in disrepair needs to come to an end.

If elected mayor I promise I will work tirelessly every day to ensure that New Haven is a wonderful city to do business in, live in, and raise a family in. I truly believe that I have the experience, relationships, and judgment to serve you.

Steve McMichael is a Republican candidate for mayor of New Haven


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