LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Inclusion key to special education

More than 41 million Americans, almost 15 percent of our current population ages 5 and older, are affected by a disability, making it extremely important that these students are provided with quality education and opportunity.

Children are being put into special classes according to their level of intellect and disability, school systems have adapted the educational standard as well as the amount of opportunities these children are provided with. By doing so school systems are lowering expectations and standards and not pushing these children to their full capabilities. The commonality that appears throughout the special needs’ community is that many people address the problems in an argumentative way and don’t know how to act to make the change these students need in order to be successful in the future.

At North Side High School in Fort Wayne, special education is a respected and highly successful program. We provide many assets for students with disabilities that will later assist them in life. They are heavily involved with clubs, work and sports.

North Side High School is also a Champions Together school. Champions Together is a unified sports program that allows special needs and general education students to form close relationships through sports and fundraising. If more FWCS schools created programs for special education like North Side High School does, and helped raise awareness and inclusion, there would be a major shift for the future generations of special education students.

Baylee Kay Craig

Fort Wayne