LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Differences evident in news reporting

You will see a connection between three writings:

1. In a letter to Attorney General William Barr in late March, Special Counsel Robert Mueller wrote that the AG’s memo “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of the Mueller investigation.

2. Former News-Sentinel Editor Kerry Hubartt wrote May 27: “Certainly there have been many times when individuals, journalists and even the organizations they work for have blundered, fumbled, turned a blind eye, slanted the news and served their own purposes. For those mistakes in judgment and professionalism, criticism is certainly due.”

3. In an article by Ashley Parker and Simon Denyer of the Washington Post on the Journal Gazette front page on May 27, two of a total of 14 snippy paragraphs read: “Finally, after a full day of matches, perhaps the biggest star of all – weighing in at 243 pounds, according to his most recent physical – climbed into the sumo ring… Trump forwent the traditional samurai-style topknot in favor of his routine orange coif, and he sported a dark suit and pink tie in place of the thong-like mawashi – or loincloth – that the Japanese wrestlers wear.”

Thank goodness there is still one page of intelligent reading in this newspaper. My due criticism is: The whole challenge in journalism today seems to be who can be snippy, snippier or the snippiest. Why is it so hard to just tell the truth, the whole truth, and noting but the truth?

Jim Bugert

Fort Wayne