LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Get educated about eating disorders

Nearly 30 million people in the United States are victimized by an eating disorder. Only one in 10 people seek treatment. Most people that are struggling with an eating disorder find it hard to discuss that they have these issues. Eating disorder is a mental illness. Like any other mental illness, there are often associated stigmas that keeps people from seeking help.

There are various stigmas surrounding eating disorders. Many people believe that eating disorders are only associated with women because only women desire for the perfect body image. What most people don’t realize is that eating disorders can affect about anyone of any age, race, gender, or anyone of any background. It is a mental and physical illness that can destroy anyone.

People should stop having stigmas and misconception about eating disorders because mental illnesses should be taken more seriously. Everyone should educate themselves before they speak their mind. It’s a challenge for a person with an eating disorder to have to deal with their eating disorders and facing stigmas that aren’t necessarily healthy for them. Such stigmas of any kind can act as a barrier for an individual to seek help or talk about their issues.

That means the data we have on eating disorders may not be accurate because so many people are afraid to speak up.

Paw Say Lwe

Fort Wayne