LETTER TO THE EDITOR: As a mayoral candidate, Tim Smith brings needed vision

Dickens wrote, “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” It always is.

In a world defined by amazing smart devices, some of us are old enough to remember when the primary purpose of our phone was to talk to other people. I am not sure which time deserves more “likes”. As a physician and teacher I try to bring both “old school” wisdom and “new school” innovation to discussion.

One example: As a medical student at IU, I was less than confident about doing a procedure in the ER late one night. Looking for reassurance, I approached my surgery resident with my ambivalence. She said, “Ok then go home.” I figured it out. The old school? It was the best night of learning I had in four years of med school. The new school? I would never speak to a student that way.

As Fort Wayne approaches 12 years of tenure by our Mayor Tom Henry, it makes sense to celebrate his laudable service while also reaching to the next “summit.” When Sweetwater brought in Fred Myers Piano Co., I watched Mayor Henry give my father a much deserved award for the decades he served Fort Wayne with personal service and honor shown to every customer.

I admire Mayor Henry. At the same time, leadership by definition has terms for a reason. At some point we have to ask, “Can we add new ideas to a great legacy?”

After supporting Dr. John Crawford, I was humbled by the gracious welcome Tim Smith gave me when he sat down with me for more than two hours. Politics does not always allow voters to examine the details of a candidate’s vision. And the devil is in the details, no doubt. I was impressed by the details I heard from Mr. Smith. Of course, it matters not what I think. I simply share a snapshot of a candidate who has both “old” values and “new” ideas.

Tim Smith does not claim to have all the answers. None of us does. But his inclusive team-oriented approach to grow Fort Wayne with a surge of modern jobs is something to be excited about. He reminded me that Fort Wayne is the “Summit City.” The “we’ll figure it out” attitude from our Summit City predecessors, such as my grandfather (Fred Myers), has made Fort Wayne a top-ranked “most livable” city.

And Mr. Smith is uniquely poised to continue this legacy with the high-tech talent of rising professionals. And not just those that we have now.

As a MedPro executive, his “board room proficiency” promises to woo other corporations outside of Fort Wayne and could bring us more companies like Sweetwater Sound. Already his campaign team – large and always inclusive – has shown the functionality of a Google app, and diversity for the future. He went from “Tim who?” to victory in weeks. He figured it out.

Yet as I spoke with him it was apparent that he sought to understand, more than to be understood. This combination of talent and warmth is the magic that made both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton beloved to voters beyond their own party. We need more of that. Funny how jobs have always grown during these years of “magic.”

Scott Myers

Fort Wayne