LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Electoral College votes should be proportioned

Oregon has become the 15th state to give its electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote. This is exactly what the small state representatives did not want to occur when drafting the U.S. Constitution – allow large states with larger numbers of voters to control the government.

If a presidential candidate only needs the popular vote to secure the electoral college votes for each state, the candidate would only need to campaign and win in about 25 of the largest metropolitan cities to win the popular vote and all the electoral college votes. Forget the rest of the United States.

Why not have a proportional electoral college vote? Every vote would count. With just the popular vote candidate getting all of the electoral college votes for each state, some votes would not actually count. If one candidate gets 51 percent of the popular votes, that candidate would get all the electoral votes and 49 percent of votes would, in essence, not count in the presidential election.

With a proportional electoral college, one candidate would get 51 percent of the state’s electoral college votes and the other candidate would get 49 percent of the electoral college votes. All votes would count.

Raymond Doyle

Fort Wayne