LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Froma Harrop’s column about high heels is spot on

I hope everyone read Froma Harrop’s excellent column on page 5A (the News-Sentinel page) of the Saturday edition.

I have held for many years that high heels are an unmitigated evil, not as much because they imply vanity, but primarily because they wreak havoc on the bodies of the women who wear them. Toes, arches, heels, ankles, knees, hips, and the entire length of the spine (from tailbone to neck), are all adversely affected by the totally unnatural posture into which they force a woman’s body. To hear that employers are so stupid and vain as to actually require their female employees to wear them is as barbaric and chauvinistic as if they required them to wear tight corsets and hoop skirts.

I have always thought that limited government is best and that free markets should resolve problems, but it becomes more and more apparent that the only answer to some issues is for the government to outlaw such practices as requiring women to wear high heels. Why are employers so dense? They should want to avoid regulation by just doing the right thing in the first place, whether it is paying their workers honestly, or requiring only reasonable dress codes at work, or following safety rules in the workplace.

For those women who choose to wear them, I say you are damaging your body for no good reason – just like smoking cigarettes. Accept the height you are and be glad. Don’t be vain. Save yourself from incurable pain from neck to feet. Toss the high heels!

James R. Crouse

Fort Wayne