NEWS-SENTINEL EDITORIAL: Good news from state officials on taxes, crime prevention

Helping, rather than bullying Hoosiers to comply with their tax obligations is a top priority for Indiana Department of Revenue Commissioner Adam Krupp.

And we think that is something worth commending because it is translating into good news for Indiana taxpayers.

One way is through “Project NextDOR,” a $60 million technology systems upgrade designed to improve the agency’s ability to collect, record and distribute tax payments.

The Indiana Economic Digest reported that Krupp unveiled the project to tax practitioners on June 20 in Merrillville. He told them the corporate segment of the new Indiana Tax System and the Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine will go live on Sept. 3.

That means, according to the Digest report, that “corporate taxpayers will be able to file, amend and pay all their tax returns electronically, view past payments and returns online, and send secure electronic messages to revenue officials concerning state tax matters.”

This year’s development is the first phase for the new system, Krupp says, which is due to continue adding functionality each Labor Day through 2022.

But there are other ways Krupp’s approach to leading his agency mean good news to the rest of us. Krupp, a Plymouth native, has been commissioner since 2017. The Digest story says he has been determined to instill within the DOR “a mindset that never forgets there are real people behind every one of the millions of transactions” their 700 employees process each year. They now refer to taxpayers as customers.

Krupp set up an advisory council of tax practitioners across Indiana to tell DOR what it’s doing right and wrong, and he established a customer feedback function on the DOR website so customers can be put in touch with real people to help them with tax issues.

“I know that the Department of Revenue is not always everybody’s favorite government agency,” Krupp told the Digest. “But we do things behind the scenes that people should be proud of because we are proud, and we are helping everyone.”

We think that’s very good news.


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