LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Walter Williams column is on the mark

A standing ovation is in order for the author of “Inner-city crime, poverty priority issues for black Americans.”

Walter Williams’ very poignant words resonated with me. For once truths have been spoken.

Stores won’t open in bad neighborhoods. Mr. Williams gave good reasons why. People living in a community of fear should stand up and “crackdown on lawlessness” and “become intolerant of criminals making their lives living hell”.

As for his closing comment, “even if it means taking the law into your own hands,” I can’t agree. We have law enforcement in Fort Wayne very keen on cleaning up crime. Work with them. Trust them to help.

At the same time, we must be diligent about the whereabouts of our children. As parents we have that rsponsibility and owe our kids a chance. Allowing them to run the streets and not knowing what they are involved with is on you.

Stop blaming everyone else. Group together and stand up. Complaints without action are worthless and have gotten very old.

Chris Snider

Fort Wayne