Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Tom Freistroffer

Four years ago Tom Freistroffer sought and won his first term as an at large member of the Fort Wayne City Council.

In those four years, Tom has proven himself to be a representative of the people in the city of Fort Wayne. He does not have a personal agenda. He came onto the council pledging to listen to the people and consider all sides to an issue before casting his vote. He has done that. As a member of the planning commission, he has used his experience in the appraisal and real estate business, to support projects and developments that are good for the people and the city of Fort Wayne. In all of his dealings he has proven himself to be the consummate gentleman, something that is sorely lacking in today’s political climate. Not everyone agrees with Tom on every issue, but while people can disagree, Tom never shows disrespect.

Tom has proven himself in his first term to be a very capable city councilman and I believe he should be given the chance to serve for a second term. I ask you to support Tom Freistroffer, for City Council at large.

Mike Obergfell

Fort Wayne


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