Letter to the Editor: Support Hays in District 4

I have been a leader in Republican politics for many years. I have managed a Congressional campaign, worked on Mike Braun’s senatorial campaign, was on the press corps for President Trump’s visit to Fort Wayne, and been a member of the National Honor Guard at the Republican National Convention. I support Patti Hays for the District 4 city council.

That seems paradoxical, since Patti is a Democrat. But I have also attended state and national campaign management training conferences, once being invited by our Republican congressman and once being invited by our Republican governor. At these training conferences I heard over and over again that we should recruit good candidates. And, we should screen out those candidates who would bring disrepute to the party — because they are unqualified for the position or because they are being driven by ego to hold an office rather than the desire to do a good job in the office the seek

The reason for screening them out is twofold. They will either lose their race, or they will be elected and then be incompetent in their position. If these persons do win more than one term, they may become the face of the party. Incompetent or negative candidates are not what the Republican party wants as representatives of the party.

Even worse, they may be driven by ego to believe they are deserving of higher office. They may use the argument that they have several years of experience and are therefore well qualified for a higher office. This is a logical argument, but it is also the path to having incompetent state legislators or congressmen.

Mr. Arp has already demonstrated this ego failing when in 2013 he ran for chairman of the Allen County Republican Party against the long-time and highly qualified Republican County Chairman Mike Shine, with Arp’s only prior political office being that of a precinct committeeman. As I have learned from Republican state and national party chairman, and at the campaign management classes I have attended, it is better to lose a local race to a Democrat than allow a poor candidate to establish themselves as a party leader.

Based on his continuing to vote “No” on projects that benefit the community, his minimal attention to the persons living in District 4, and his arrogance and ego in publishing a scorecard of all the councilmen with himself scoring substantially higher than any other councilman, I believe it is in the best interest for Republicans to vote against Jason Arp.

These are the reasons I support Patti Hays for Council. It is to the overall benefit to the Republican party to remove Jason Arp from office. To use a common phrase, “One rotten apple can spoil a barrel.” I believe that Jason Arp is that apple.

Robert Beatty

Fort Wayne


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