Letter to the Editor: Credit to Highway Department

A big thanks goes out to the Allen County Highway Department north barn for addressing the problem of accidents on Washington Center Road. After 2 accidents in less than 6 days where O’day Road crosses Washington Center, they installed stop signs 500 feet back with large signs under them that alert you to the coming intersection. Below the stop signs it says cross traffic does not stop. They also installed rumble strips, something new to chip and seal roads in our area. Felger Road that crosses 2 miles west of there also got the same treatment.

The people at the North Barn do a great job of servicing our roads from snow removal to pot hole fixing. Whenever I have called in to alert them of a pothole in our road it has been addressed within 24 to 48 hours, which is remarkable do to the amount of roads that need to be covered. Every once in a while I hear people complain about a pothole but when asked if they reported it, the answer 99 percent of the time is, “no, why bother?” That’s certainly not the case in our greater area though.

John R. Banet

Fort Wayne


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