LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Longtime business owner supports Henry for mayor

The passing of time helps bring perspective. I seem to have a lot more perspective lately.

Fort Wayne has been home for most of my life. I attended school here, raised my family here, and have had the privilege of starting and growing my many businesses here. I have never been active politically, but I have had the good fortune of a fair amount of travel to other cities and being involved in many of our important community projects and organizations. I have also worked closely with Mayor Henry on many projects. Fort Wayne today and its future are better because of the leadership, hard work, and character of Mayor Henry. I chose to invest and expand my businesses here because of Mayor Henry’s leadership and where I see our community headed.

Being Mayor is a tough job, but everyone is an expert. Folks are quick to share their opinions and personal preference of how our money should be spent. Unless the Mayor adheres to every suggestion (not possible), he’s criticized because their advice was not followed. Everyone wants to direct the cook, but too few want to work the kitchen.

Mayor Henry has passionately led our City during his tenure with fairness, openness, and always with the community’s best interests at heart. He is a good and decent man. His work has been transformational for our city. More has been accomplished in his tenure than any administration in my lifetime. The downtown of today would not be recognized even 10 year ago. He is a collaborator that has worked well with others without regard to party affiliations. There is a new vibrancy to Fort Wayne. We have our swagger back and the future is bright.

The son of a social worker who also dedicated his life to the needs of others, the mayor is principled, a man of deep character, strong conviction, concern for the less fortunate among us, and a passion for our community.

For all of the above, I strongly support Mayor Henry for reelection.

Chuck Surack

Fort Wayne

Trump good model for Smith

Mayoral candidate Tim Smith was asked at the Rotary Club meeting how he compared himself to President Trump. His answer was “there are many things I dislike about him but I like his Supreme Court justice appointments and his negotiations with China.”

President Trump has run the best economy for the US in history. He has created millions of jobs for all people. He donates his presidential salary to a worthy causes – the surgeon general’s office to help fight the opioid crisis. the Department of Education, the Veterans Administration, the National Park Service and The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. President Trump has never drank alcohol but his older brother died from it.

He works hard for free so

he can be harassed, made fun of, and have constant falsehoods told about him just so he can help this country and its citizens.

So I ask you Tim Smith, what is it exactly that you don’t like about President Trump that pertains to the overall welfare of this country?

Laura Smyser

Fort Wayne

Support Tom Freistroffer

In the current climate of constant conflict fueling confusion, disinformation and misinformation, Tom Freistroffer is a beacon of light in the darkness. Tom’s firm, thoughtful and no nonsense approach to problem solving is critical for continued success of our great city. Fortunate are the citizens of Fort Wayne to have a leader who is principled, honest, intelligent, and selfless. Tom Freistroffer is a man who cares about people, the issues which they face and those which the government can remedy.

Let’s keep City Councilman Tom Freistroffer hard at work for Fort Wayne.

Cornelius B. “Neil” Hayes

Fort Wayne


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