LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Senate Bill 299 represents a milestone in pro-life legislation

It was my privilege to be in the Indiana Statehouse the last two days to assist pro-life legislators Sen, Liz Brown and Rep. Ben Smaltz in passing a milestone bill (SB299) that has the potential to drastically change the way the abortion industry does business.

In May of 2019 the Supreme Court of the United States upheld a law passed by the 2016 Indiana General Assembly and signed into law by then Gov.Mike Pence after a lengthy court battle. This law requires abortion businesses to respectfully dispose of the bodies of aborted babies by cremation or burial. The original law did not have the protocol for enforcement of this law spelled out. SB299 is necessary to make certain the law is enforced by the Indiana State Department of Health. The abortion industry is on record saying that disposal is their Achilles heel. If not properly enforced, the original legislation and the Supreme Court win mean nothing. Indiana leads the nation with this legislation. It is only right that I recognize two legislators who are champions in this effort.

Bill author Sen, Liz Brown presented and defended SB299 in the Senate Health Committee beating back unbelievably flawed arguments from abortion advocates. Not only were their arguments illogical but also fraught with incorrect medical facts. Sen, Brown responded with grace and tenacity and a full command of the facts. The legislation passed out of the Health Committee and now proceeds to the full Senate where passage is expected.

The legislation then passes to the House for consideration. Rep. Ben Smaltz, Chair of the Public Policy Committee, is prepared to take up the fight to get SB299 passed. It has been my privilege to partner with Rep. Smaltz on many other pro-life bills in past sessions. He has always discussed the legislation thoughtfully and with reason. In part because of his commitment, Indiana was recently designated by Americans United for Life as the sixth most pro-life state in the country and the most pro-life state in the Midwest. Rep. Smaltz understands the strategy to save as many babies as we can as quickly as we can while still striving for the day abortion is not only illegal in the United States but also unthinkable.

It is my deepest honor to stand with these two legislators and the other Northeast Indiana legislators to save the babies.

Cathie Humbarger

executive director, Allen County Right to Life

News-Sentinel uses too many liberals

When the News-Sentinel gave up in October 2017, we were told that there would still be a News-Sentinel editorial page. In the following two years that editorial page has been transformed to be politically more like the Journal Gazette’s.

Now the supposedly conservative News-Sentinel page has Froma Harrop, Jonah Goldberg, Jules Witcover and Mona Charen, who are anti-Trump writers. The News-Sentinel still has the smartest man in the USA, Walter Williams, and Cal Thomas, but you rarely see a conservative editorial from around the nation.

If you get your political news from the Journal Gazette you are uninformed and misinformed. The Journal Gazette has to be the most left-wing paper in the United States. As the minor league affiliate of the Washington Post they reprint all their leftist writing and pick up left wing editorials from all over the country.

So, News-Sentinel editorial page, rest in peace.

Joseph Cipilone

Fort Wayne

Avoiding jail easy

I have a simple solution for those in jail complaining about the jail conditions. The simple solution is don’t commit crimes and you won’t be there.

It is your responsibility to get an education so you can be employable and become a contributing member of society. You determine your actions or reactions as the case may be, and you live with the outcome. You have to make a determination and be willing to change your life for the better.

Richard Burridge

Fort Wayne

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