LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Ten Commandments not the foundation for being a good citizen

In March 16’s “Ten Commandments may be religious, but they set a standard of good conduct for all people,” Kerry Hubartt erroneously assumes that the Ten Commandments should be the foundation of American civics, and prejudicially asserts that church-state separation advocates should doubt their motives around keeping religion out of government. A strong legal foundation is essential, but the Ten Commandments is not a guidance tool for civics in a pluralistic country like ours. The first four of the ten commandments involve worship of God. Since one in four Americans is nonreligious, our civics education ought to encompass religiously neutral guidance.

The American Humanist Association, recommends the Ten Commitments, promoting respect, reason, and ethical understanding to foster a more compassionate world – something everyone can support regardless of their faiths or philosophies. If we want the rising generation to lead lives of good conduct and civility as Hubartt hopes, we should foster good civics that focuses on our relationships in this diverse society. I encourage him to review the Ten Commitments, and to recognize that a faith foundation is not necessary to be a good citizen.

Roy Speckhardt

Executive director, American Humanist Association

Washington, DC

Resources for parents

A lot of parents are going to be in a financial or logistical bind concerning child care since all the schools are shut down due to the coronavirus. Here’s my suggestion. Find a few parents in the same boat. Then have each parent be responsible for a day alternating days taking care of them. It might be a lot easier, especially financially, finding help for one day compared to a week.

They could hire a high school teen-ager to watch the kids if there wasn’t someone available on their days. I doubt the high schooler would charge much to watch the extra kids compared to just one. They might even prefer this since the kids could entertain each other. The kids would love it.

Perhaps the schools could help out by creating a call list of parents willing to sign up for child sharing and teenagers wanting to make a little extra money. It would make the process a lot easier on the parents. This is a time for helping each other until we can get past this crisis. Lets all due our part.

John Banet

Fort Wayne

Time to deal with China

I’m sick of China! How much more damage are we going to allow them to do to us? Just in modern times, they’ve sent us numerous non-indigenous insects and plant diseases, with the emerald ash borer being one of the most recent that killed untold numbers of our ash trees, mine included. They steal our intellectual property with impunity, they steal our military secrets, and with the help of complicit politicians, we’ve let them take millions of our jobs.

Now yet again, they’ve sent us another disease, not the first, that threatens not only to kill our citizens, but is wreaking havoc on our whole nation and its economy, which a certain political party is only too happy to take advantage of. Meanwhile, much of the mainstream media is fanning the flames of panic if it will advance their own political agenda, instead of providing legitimate information and working to calm the fears of the nation.

This is not the first or the worst major disease we’ve had invade our shores. Any of you remember the swine flu? Why aren’t the media talking about how that compared to COVID-19?

In spite of its wealth and military power, many aspects of Chinese life are still very much third world, as evidenced by what we know of how this coronavirus made its way into their human population, and now all over the world, thanks to modern means of transportation. I’m sick of it I tell you, sick of it!

Pray for our leaders; for their wisdom and courage to deal with this national crisis, and to deal with China.

Ken Selking


Will hoarders donate?

My hope is that once this panic some people are having over this virus is done, that the people who mass panicked and bought a “ton” of non-perishable food would donate a bunch of it to their local food banks and church food pantries. But I’m certain that many are trusting in themselves and not the Lord for their daily bread.

Richard Burridge

Fort Wayne


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