LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Baseball diamonds are not dog parks

The attached picture is of two animals and their owner in the Hamilton Park Little League baseball diamond on Sunday July 8, 2018, 2 p.m. with animals off the leash. The owner did not clean up after the animals but I did get a picture of the repugnant treatment of a public park by an irresponsible animal owner.

My grandson and many other grandchildren play Little League baseball on this field. When are the health concerns going to be addressed? I know the opioid crisis is consuming all the air in the room and our city council is working on big and transformational projects, but something needs to be done with this issue. Ignoring such health/safety issues is just downright irresponsible of the Allen County Health Department, Allen County Animal Control and elected officials.

There will be a mauling of a child if nothing is done with irresponsible animal owners allowing their animals to run free in the baseball diamonds and Hamilton Park, not to mention the health concerns of playing Wildcat and little league on a baseball field with fresh animal feces all over the place.

— John Modezjewski, Fort Wayne

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