The Rant for August 1, 2018

Can we please talk about how Democrat Joe Donnelly has been in Congress for a total of 12 years and never passed a single piece of his own legislation… At this point, a rock would be a better senator than him because it would do the same amount of work for less money!

Shame on JoAnn Fabric, where I just saw a piece of wall art with the words, “Born and Raised,” over a map of the U.S. I see that as an insinuation that I am someone better than someone who was not “born and raised,” and I find it offensive. Isn’t this nation divided enough? Think about it, JoAnn.

To the ranter who wrote the hateful rant about Germany and Germanfest: There are good and bad people from every country. German immigrants came here long before Hitler came to power. German heritage has nothing to do with him or the other evil men involved with the Holocaust.

I quit walking the Towpath Trail some time ago. The reasons being are: The odor from the waste treatment facility is often more than I can tolerate. Second reason being, the workers at the utility drive way to fast on the narrow road many times blowing gravel and dust in the air. Third, the utility workers take over the pavilion, for smoking. I go to Foster Park now, it is so much nicer.

The so-called opioid epidemic is a sham and so is the knee-jerk reactions by politicians. Opioid addiction is only a fraction of one percent of Americans. The rest of us responsible people who have real pain have to jump through hoops just to get some relief. The addicts are low life’s and losers who would be addicted to something else if it was available. What a waste of time and money fighting a non-issue.

I cannot believe that you printed the rant in the 7/14 paper that paints older people with a broad brush, calling us grumpy, closed-minded, and stuck in the past. These older people have worked their butts off to lay the easy path for the spoiled brats of today, many of whom still live with their “older” parents.

Mueller indicts Russian military for hacking into DNC computers and releasing “truths” that caused Hillary to lose the election! Maybe the should receive a metal since some of the Democrats want to give out Purple Hearts.

It is amazing that Fort Wayne Community Schools is going to be the recipient of ‘A Day of Caring’ to take care of landscaping issues at Several of their schools. They are already receiving millions of dollars of tax-payer money and still can’t handle the minor upkeep of their buildings. I think we need new leadership from the top on down. Someone to delegate man hours and someone to handle the money and someone to lead all the Indians, cause the Chiefs in charge are really lacking.

Once again, the JA organization is setting a bad example for the young people who are supposed to be learning positive ways to live. How can the JA organization think they are doing a good thing by promoting beer and wine to young impressionable minds? Disgusting! There are better ways to raise money.

My friends and family call me stupid because I am not on Facebook or any Social media. I don’t have a smartphone. Well, watch the news and look at me now. I don’t get hacked. I don’t have my pictures stolen because there is not one picture of my kids online. Seems like now I am the only smart one. By the way, I am only 35 and have never posted pictures of my kids.

Online is dangerous.

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