LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader wants to bring real numbers to abortion discussion

In response to Richard Kenefic’s letter of Aug. 1, may I bring real numbers to the discussion.

According to U.S. Census-related reports (and taking into consideration +/- projections for 2018) every man, woman and child currently living in Montana, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana equals 60 million people.

Since Roe V Wade, and records of legal abortions have been compiled since 1973, 60 million unborn children have been dismembered and disposed of as medical waste — with the exception of body parts and tissue sold to the highest bidders, including but not limited to pharmaceutical companies, college science labs, and health and beauty companies. I’m curious, Richard, what real numbers might it take for you to declare legalized abortion a “moral dilemma?”

— Becky Osbun Fort Wayne

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