The Rant for August 8, 2018

I thought deregulation of energy was to lower fuel cost to Americans and offset rising costs? Now, gasoline has hit $3.06 a gallon! Someone isn’t playing by the rules! Yet fuel companies are willing to ship our resources overseas!

The reason this country is in such a mess is because the people are voting on the abortion issue only. There should be a lot more on your mind when you’re in the voting booth. Abortion is between a woman and God. Pay attention, get educated on what’s going on and get the right politicians in Washington, our state and in our city. Let God handle the abortion issue, it is an issue that has no place in politics.

Really? Fake news? We get enough of that from the weekend weatherman on 21 Alive. He said the California fire had consumed 127 acres. At the time of his broadcast, it had consumed over 80,000 acres. The size of Philadelphia. This is just lazy reporting. It takes 3 seconds to look up the facts. I bet he had the LARGEST ever crowd for his graduation. Get on the ball, John, or you will always be the weekend guy.

Mr. Mueller knows how to eat an elephant — ONE BITE AT A TIME!

Alright millionaire NFL kneelers, apparently you are going to continue your disrespect crap. But, answer a question that does not seem to have ever been answered: “If a suspect is not guilty or has no associated guilt, why does the suspect resist police and/or run?” Maybe NFL kneelers should do ride-alongs every day/night, 8 to 10 hours a day, for a month to see what model, law-abiding citizens the police encounter.

It’s July 28th, 10:45 p.m. and the neighborhood idiots are still setting off fireworks. So much for the fireworks ordinance.

Liberals are always searching for evils in someone’s past to belie their present status. As if people can not change. They find and pick the evil characteristics that they want to portray and denounce present appearances of good. If this is so, they could find Saint Augustine, a former libertine wanting, as well as Saint Paul, who they must think still hated Christians and wanted to see them persecuted.

Do I grieve for any young armed man who runs from the police then gets shot and killed? No. Any 18-30-year-old male who is armed and runs from the police is going to only use that gun for one thing — to kill someone else. The more of these thugs that are taken off the streets, the safer our streets become. These thugs with a gun are cowards, not victims. More power to the police. Kill them before they kill me or my family. Thank you to the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect the public from gutless thugs.

Jim Banks supports Trump’s nominee to the Supreme court but he would not even give Obama’s pick a hearing, even though Obama’s pick was more qualified. Banks supports having the disabled work to get SSDI payments. Banks supports stopping the medical device tax even though his big donors made over $100 billion in profits last year. Banks is a Trump “yes man” and a Hoosier “no man.” VOTE HIM OUT!!

Driving in the USA. How do some even pass the test? It is not rocket science! Turning left, use the blinky thing more commonly called your turn signal, move to and parallel (not 45 degrees) to the center line with your foot on the brake. Instead of blocking the road waiting for oncoming traffic to clear. The white lines at junctions are for a reason which is to give room for vehicles to turn not to ignore and stop on or even past them, which in a lot of cases means you are now on, and blocking, the pedestrian crossing. Turning right, use a turn signal before braking, not after, so anyone behind you can anticipate your braking. Not much point in using a turn signal when you are already turning. If you are driving down the road with oncoming traffic and a vehicle is parked or stopped in front of you the oncoming traffic has right of way — why do you not stop but squeeze into the gap causing the other vehicle into the curb. Using lights in rain or poor visibility helps people see you they are not just there to help you see in the dark. Please correct me if I am wrong with any of the above.

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