THE LAST WORD: Important to limit screen time


My wife and I spend as much time as we can with our grandchildren — some more than others in order to help out where most needed in child care and transportation. Whenever we are “in charge” of those precious lives, we are constantly aware of the influences they face each day, ...

THE LAST WORD: Knight’s return to IU touches many


Former Indiana University basketball coach Bob Knight’s return to what is now called Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall for the game against Purdue on Feb. 8 was an event that deeply moved many people emotionally associated with Hoosier basketball. It moved me. And my association is not nearly as ...

NEWS-SENTINEL EDITORIAL: Time to ‘turn the page’ on impeachment


It’s been a Keystone Cops kind of week for Democrats, and President Donald Trump’s acquittal in Wednesday’s Senate impeachment trial was the capstone. Despite Democrats’ highly partisan impeachment efforts, the president’s approval rating hit a new high of 49 percent in the latest ...

THE LAST WORD: ‘Just Mercy’ elicits anger, but also hope


How many times have we read about some prisoner who has been on death row for years being exonerated due to new evidence or DNA tests that overturn a false conviction? A film I saw recently tells the true story of such a case. “Just Mercy” is based on the memoir of the same name written ...