March 30 editorial correction


The “Our View” Editorial published on the News-Sentinel page on Page 5A of the Monday, March 30 edition contained factual errors. The editorial cited several items that it said were included in the coronavirus relief bill approved by Congress on March 27. Most of the items, while ...

THE LAST WORD: Like polio, COVID-19 is an unseen enemy


The COVID-19 pandemic is one of many diseases that have threatened world-wide health over the years, but it’s the first since polio in the 1950s that has struck as much fear in the general public. Both the coronavirus and polio have occurred in my lifetime and the two have had an ironic ...

McMahan right to stop in-person church services


Give Allen County Health Commissioner Dr. Deborah McMahan a break. Some local and state officials are accusing the head of the Allen County Board of Health of attacking the rights of area churches to practice their religious freedoms. McMahan issued an order last week closing the county’s ...

THE LAST WORD: We all have to do our part to beat virus


Is this all too much to ask to save lives and stop a pandemic? When our government officials give orders, make suggestions and list guidelines for us all to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, do we take them seriously? Or do we just go on with our daily lives the way we had ...