NEWS-SENTINEL EDITORIAL: Suicides among black youth growing concern


A year ago, we wrote about the alarming increase in the rates of suicide in Allen County, Indiana and across the nation. This week we learned that the rate of suicides among African-American adolescents in the U.S. is even worse. Statistics a year ago showed a 50 percent jump in the number of ...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Walter Williams column is on the mark


A standing ovation is in order for the author of “Inner-city crime, poverty priority issues for black Americans.” Walter Williams’ very poignant words resonated with me. For once truths have been spoken. Stores won’t open in bad neighborhoods. Mr. Williams gave good reasons why. ...

THE LAST WORD: Knight return to Bloomington would be fitting


The storied career of former Indiana University basketball coach Bob Knight had a not-so-happy ending when he was fired by IU President Myles Brand in 2000. His long absence from Bloomington and repeated scorning of the university since have been sad and disappointing. But is the self-imposed ...