THE LAST WORD: World Down Syndrome Day celebrates precious lives


World Down Syndrome Day on Thursday made me thankful for where I live and for the lives of my two Down syndrome grandchildren, Joy and Ezekiel. The occasion was first officially observed in 2012 to raise awareness of Down syndrome. March 21 (3-21) represents the three copies of the 21st ...

THE LAST WORD: Cold, dark can brew winter of discontent, depression


Say what you will about winter, most people I have talked to in the last couple of weeks have had enough. I realize many love winter weather, and I normally tolerate it pretty well. But I have definitely developed a bad attitude recently about this year’s seemingly endless cold, ice, snow ...

THE LAST WORD: Make America Great Again caps: Wear at your own risk


What does it mean to wear a MAGA cap? There was a red sea of “Make America Great Again” baseball caps being worn at the Trump Rally in November, when the president packed the Memorial Coliseum to support Republican candidates in the Indiana election. In fact, I purchased one of the caps ...