NS In-Depth: DeKalb’s Leigha Brown

As a junior, DeKalb Baron Leigha Brown inserted herself into the conversation of best players in Indiana. As an Indiana junior All-Star, Brown averaged 22.9 points and 10.8 rebounds per game, breaking the school record for rebounds in a season and becoming the first Baron female to ever average a double-double. College coaches took notice and in the midst of the summer circuit playing for Always 100, Brown cut off what was becoming a hot race for her services by agreeing to be a Nebraska Cornhusker.

Before she can head to the Big Ten, she has another high school season to complete. She didn’t start it off in any ho-hum manner either. In her senior season opener, she posted a triple double of 34 points, 20 rebounds and 10 assists. Just three days later, she upped her game by scoring 53 points and pulling down 24 points against Lakeland. The point total moved her into second all-time on the area single game scoring list. It also moved her to the same spot on DeKalb’s list, both behind the 57 points scored in a game by former Baron MaChelle Joseph in 1988.

WHO: Leigha Brown


CLASS: Senior

HOMETOWN: Auburn, Indiana

HEIGHT: 6-foot-1



• THE PLAYER – Leigha on Leigha: “I am very passionate about whatever I do and always give 100%”

• THE COACH – DeKalb coach Brett Eltzroth on Leigha: “Leigha Brown is a great kid. She has an industrious work ethic. She is a fierce competitor that will do anything to make the team successful. As a player she makes everyone around her better. She is a true inspiration to our younger & future Lady Barons. Her leadership has grown so much. She will often say things to the players before I say it. A true coach on floor and knows what we want to do and assists the process. She is a true student if the game. She is constantly working on her skills, watching film, & scouting opponents. She puts the work in to deserve success. She is a special player & person, because of her unselfish nature & relentless desire makes every situation better. She has had to work for everything, therefore she respects the process and won’t cheat it. She earns it on a daily basis. That is why I told several coaches you won’t go wrong with Leigha Brown & she will find a way to push herself and those around her to be the best they can be.”

• THE OPPOSING COACH – Bellmont coach Andy Heim on Leigha: “Leigha is one of the best, if not the best, long range shooters in the area; my girls thought I was joking last year when I said pick her up at half court then she hit one from just across the line and they understood.”

• THE TRAINER – Always 100’s Vernard Hollins on Leigha: “Leigha is the type of player every coach dreams of. She’s a player that comes rarely because she’s a player that can do it all. It’s not everyday a coach comes across a player that is skilled in every aspect of the game. It’s like she’s literally 1-5 in one player.”


• College choice: Nebraska

• Why Nebraska: It just felt like the perfect fit because of the coaching staff, players, fans, and the atmosphere of the whole school.

• Also recruited by: Xavier, Belmont, IUPUI, Western Michigan, Youngstown State, Indiana State, American, Georgia Southern, Wright State, Fort Wayne

• When you knew you’d play college basketball: It was a dream to play college basketball as a kid but it started becoming realistic when I was about a Freshman in high school.


• Nickname: None

• I can’t be beat at: NBA Live 18

• Biggest fear: Spiders and Halloween

• Pet peeve: Slow drivers

• Best vacation spot: Tennessee


• Favorite opponent: Garrett

• Favorite gym to play: DeKalb

• High school playing goal: Keep improving every time I step on the floor.

• College playing goal: Do everything to help contribute and be a leader.

• Occupation, if not basketball: Business

• Favorite Coach Eltzroth saying?: TCB (Take care of the ball)

• Biggest sports thrill I’ve participated in: Sophomore year beating Columbia City in OT.

• Biggest sports thrill I’ve witnessed: Mississippi State vs. UCONN in the 2017 Final Four.

• Favorite pro team: Los Angeles Sparks

• Favorite current pro athlete: Candace Parker

• Sports hero: Michael Jordan

• First trophy was for: 1v1 at the Damon Bailey camp (age 9)

• If you could player 1-on-1 with anyone: Mya Moore


• Favorite band/musician: Cardi B

• Favorite meal: Spaghetti

• Favorite dessert: Cookie Monster from Cheddars

• Sit down restaurant or fast food: Fast food

• Favorite Ice Cream: Royal ultimate choco brownie blizzard from Dairy Queen

• Favorite candy: Snickers

• Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect

• Actor/Actress: Adam Sandler

• Book: Sum It Up by Pat Summitt

• Class in school: Math

• DeKalb teacher: Ms. Schrock

• TV Show: One Tree Hill

• Cartoon as a kid: Arthur

• Color: Orange


• Favorite thing to do with mom: Go shopping

• Favorite thing to do with dad: Go to the gym

• Best advice my parents have ever given me: Follow your dreams

• Future family is big or small: Small


• If you could go back in time to witness one event: The first ever basketball game being played

• If you could meet anyone: Candace Parker


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