Time to submit Ask The Beat Writer questions for Fort Wayne Komets

Please reply to this post or send them to bsebring@news-sentinel.com, on Twitter @bsebring or through Messenger on Facebook to make sure I see them.

What would you like to learn about your favorite hockey team?

We’ll look to run the answers late next week. As always, personal lives are off-limits. Questions are limited to one per person, and I get to decide whether the questions will be used. I’ll seriously consider them all. Obviously, the players, coaches and management members are not going to give away trade secrets about injuries or things like that, but we’ll see.

Please try to consider asking questions that can be answered in a paragraph or two at most.

Questions can pertain to current day or about favorite players from history, which is some ways might be more fun. The goal is to run these stories every two weeks or so, but that depends on how many and how often legitimate questions are submitted.


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