Tailing the Komets: Shocking and sad news

Former Komets defenseman Mike Boland passed away Sunday at the age of 62 in Amherst, N.Y.

He played only one year with the Komets, scoring seven goals and 46 points in 74 games as a defenseman in 1977-78. That was the season Gregg Pilling coached the team and they had a tremendous season, going 40-23-17. Boland was the leading scorer along the blueline.

He moved from Fort Wayne to Hershey the next season for 46 games and also made it to the NHL with Buffalo for 22 games, scoring one goal and three points but also earning 29 penalty minutes.

You can read his obituary from the Buffalo News by please clicking here.

Bet you he and Pemmer are spreading some lies right now, having a ball.


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