Toledo’s hockey history started with a Fort Wayne twist

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Fort Wayne vs. Toledo may be the greatest rivalry in minor league hockey. It's got longevity, proximity, the combined excellence of 20 playoff titles and both cities have suffered bitter defeats over the decades because of the other. But the ironic thing is that Toledo hockey might never have ...

Finding friends and acceptance through baseball

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Here's a story I wrote in 2010 about Kevin Prieto, who I've heard is experiencing some health issues. Hang in there, bud, we're praying for you. Men's league gives him a chance to be one of the guys, coach first base When he first received the phone call from a young man asking for a Men's ...

Listen to Blake Sebring on Toledo radio this morning

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I got to go on with Anthony Bellino this morning on Fox Sports 1230-AM to talk about the column I wrote earlier this week about Toledo fans. You can listen to it by following this link. You can read the response column by checking it out here. We have got to get Anthony to come to a game ...