It’s the same thing every year.

As soon as the sectional draw comes out, the majority of people’s attention turns to postseason matchups and arguing over the issue of seeding in the playoffs.

Good thing The Pigskin Prophet is here to remind you that the regular season ain’t over.

Sure, Snider has the SAC all but wrapped up, but there is still plenty to play for in the NE8, ACAC and NECC.

And while fans may get worked up about how the ping-pong balls bounced last Sunday and which teams will face off starting the third Friday of October, reality is that the majority of coaches aren’t worrying a lick about the postseason right now.

So let’s just relax and enjoy the final two weeks of the regular season, shall we?

After that, things will really get crazy.

Last week: 14-4

Overall: 103-31

CARROLL AT CONCORDIA. The Chargers were caught in the Concordia buzz saw last year, losing 33-3 to the Cadets in Week 8. Carroll needs a rebound game in the worst way after taking it on the chin from Homestead. THE PIG SAYS CARROLL BY 3.

BISHOP DWENGER AT SNIDER. This game looks spicy on the schedule, but fact is it means next to nothing in the standings. It’s all about gaining momentum for the postseason. The defense of the Saints has been good of late. Good enough? THE PIG SAYS SNIDER BY 15.

NORTHROP AT NORTH SIDE. Keishon Edwards has emerged as one of the best playmakers in the SAC. The running back should have another field day between the lines at Chambers Field. THE PIG SAYS NORTHROP BY 12.

SOUTH SIDE AT BISHOP LUERS. Are the Knights good enough to make a run in Class 3A? Through seven games, it is difficult to say yes or no with any amount of conviction. They will win on Friday though, in convincing fashion. THE PIG SAYS BISHOP LUERS BY 18.

WAYNE AT HOMESTEAD. The Spartans have been all business since being handled by Snider in Indy a few weekends ago. Wayne was without a few key members of its team last week in a loss to Concordia. Even if those players return, it could be a long night for the Generals. THE PIG SAYS HOMESTEAD BY 24.

COLUMBIA CITY AT LEO. Two fourth-quarter collapses by the Lions is the difference between apathy at a 5-2 record and some major hype that comes with a 7-0 squad. The Pig believes Coach Jared Sauder prefers to fly under the radar. THE PIG SAYS LEO BY 20.

DEKALB AT BELLMONT. Senior Colin Goebel of DeKalb is one of the better two-way players no one knows about. He has nearly 900 total yards and over 40 tackles on the year. He’s the difference in a win for the Barons on Friday. THE PIG SAYS DEKALB BY 2.

HUNTINGTON NORTH AT NORWELL. The Pig has picked HN to win a few times this season, only to be proven wrong. Here’s hoping he’s right this time around. THE PIG SAYS HUNTINGTON NORTH BY 4.

NEW HAVEN AT EAST NOBLE. A win by the Knights and we could very well have a three-way tie for first in the NE8 after Week 9. The Pig likes the East Noble defense to make some plays. THE PIG SAYS EAST NOBLE BY 2.

ADAMS CENTRAL AT BLUFFTON. The Tigers are over-.500 this deep into the season for the first time since 2013. That’s the good news. Bad news is, Flying Jets are coming to town. THE PIG SAYS ADAMS CENTRAL BY 18.

HERITAGE AT SOUTHERN WELLS. Coach Nico Tigulis and his team came close to a victory last week against Bluffton. It happens this week. THE PIG SAYS HERITAGE BY 1.

INDIANAPOLIS ARLINGTON AT JAY COUNTY. Wondering what The Pig believes is the biggest surprise of this season? That Jay County isn’t better than it is. Arlington is respectable, but is a 1A school. Still… THE PIG SAYS ARLINGTON BY 8.

SOUTH ADAMS AT WOODLAN. A Week 7 loss + memories of a sectional defeat to the Starfires last year = an angry Warriors team. THE PIG SAYS WOODLAN BY 23.

CENTRAL NOBLE AT EASTSIDE. For those scoring at home, Central Noble last won a NECC title of any kind way back in 2003, the last of their four-consecutive Division I crowns. The Cougs have already clinched at least a share of the Small Division championship. A win Friday and they win it outright. Hey, sharing is caring. THE PIG SAYS EASTSIDE BY 3.

FAIRFIELD AT LAKELAND. Not so long ago, this was one of the premier matchups in the NECC every year. Now, it’s just a regular NECC matchup. THE PIG SAYS LAKELAND BY 7.

FREMONT AT PRAIRIE HEIGHTS. The Pig’s mother always told him, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” THE PIG SAYS PRAIRIE HEIGHTS BY 1.

WEST NOBLE AT CHURUBUSCO. Count The Pig as one of many living beings surprised at the Eagles loss to Central Noble last week. Expect ‘Busco to take out those frustrations on another Noble. THE PIG SAYS CHURUBUSCO BY 21.

GARRETT AT ANGOLA. Seven weeks. Seven picks. Seven Angola wins. Seven Pig losses. The streak ends Friday. THE PIG SAYS ANGOLA BY 2.


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